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"When Your Child Dies..." By Lydia Regina Burns  
My book titled above is now available from me for $8.00 plus postage for the softcover. 

The ISBN: 1-4257-2884-7 is the softcover
The ISBN: 1-4257-2885-5 is the hardcover 

Or can be purchased from:


It is also throught BAMM, B&N, and Borders 

I want to thank you for your support during these last three years and especially to those of you encouraged me to publish this book. 

In this way, my sweet David will not be forgotten.


Light goes out, 
only emptiness is left, 
bird can’t fly.


My heart has died
   Yet my body still lives
       For what purpose.

What would you be doing tonight my son  

What would you be doing tonight my son
If your life wasn’t cut short, and you were still here to have fun
Would you be out on a date, or watching a movie
Or outside playing Frisbee with your sweet dog Buddy

What would you be doing in the morning my son
When the alarm clock goes off and the work day has begun
Whose computer would you fix whose disaster would you resolve
Would your day go smooth and would you still love your job.

What would you be doing for lunch my son
Eating with your friends or grabbing something on the run
Would it be Mexican, Chinese, or some nice little place
Oh what I give once more just to see your face.

Who would have thought I would be writing you poems
Or sitting on you bed crying and in mourning
You were young and a great man my son
You will be missed until my day too is done.

February 22, 2006

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