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An Angel  / LaVerne Bivens Schenck (Friend)
Mother Lydia please don't cry
An angel is standing by
David is his name
He has a smile on his face
and would want you to have the same
He is in a happier place
So when you feel a tug on your heart
know that it is he saying don't be sad
be happy for me.
Young David  / Barbara Allen-Hamilton (1st Cousin )
David lived in Florida and I live in Washington State didn't make frequent visits possible. Also there was a 22 year age difference between David and me.  My two oldest children are just a year and a year and a half older than David.  We did have an opportunity to meet up in Texas in the early 80's.  David was about 9 or 10 and I was the Mother of 3 by that time.  David talked about wanting to have a "big dog."  There was a small dog at the house we were visiting.  He told me in no uncertain terms, "that's not a dog!!!"  Dogs are "BIG!!"  Well I understand that he got his wish and had "a real dog!!"  It's funny the little hings that come back to us when we reflect.  Well David, I was a big dog lover also and have owned several over the years.

To David, Lydia and Heather,
Words alone can not express what I am feeling at this time.  David has been gone since October and things just don't seem to change much.  The hurt is still there.  Please be strong and know that we all love and care for you more than you will ever know. ..........Barbara Jo aka Bobbie
Making a Vow to God  / Shelia Fields (Friend)

I know you're hurting right now.  You've lost someone you love and the grief cuts through you.  You're not mourning your loved one's passing; you know that child of God is back with the Heavenly Father.  No, you don't cry for the person you buried. You cry for yourself, for your loss.

I have been there done that it was time I need the Lord the.  I let Him comfort me and release all the pain that was piercing my heart. He held me in His arms and rocked me as I shaded my tears. It's okay to cry---you are hurting.  But know that God will bring light to your darkness.  Know that "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning" (Psalm 30:5). Have courage. It will soon be morning,

I made this vow to God and I repeat it often.

My Lord, I have lost someone I love and the pain is bitter and sharp.  But I know that my loved one is now with you and that you will be with me to shepherd me through this difficult time.  I will turn to you for comfort and have peace in the knowledge that you will bring me through this.

So to the Family & Friends make a special vow to God and he will help you thought this.

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