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Five Years  / Rebecca White (Friend)
Five years ago the world lost a poet, a kind heart, a pair of soulful eyes.  Five years ago all that knew him died a little inside.  In your honor, today, I played our mix tape from so long ago.  Memories flooding back - I smile through tears.  You were amazing.

I'll never know anyone as honest, thoughtful, kind and tender as you.  I will always remember your loving heart and intenable spirit.  In memories you will always and forever be young, vibrant and full of life.

Thinking of you all the time.  Love and miss you always.  Love to your mom, sister and dad, too.  Their strength to keep going is an inspriation. 

memories / Mom Burns (mom)


I remember sitting and having breakfast with you. French toast, bacon, and coffee, I can almost smell the vanilla and cinnamon in the air.

I remember having lunch with you at Applebee’s. It was the last eating out before you died and you were afraid to order something big because I was paying but I made you. I am glad I did.

I remember cooking dinner and you came over the Sunday before you died. I made steak, mashed potatoes, corn, and an apple pie. I always enjoyed watching you eat. You enjoyed it so much. Yes, I did put 40 pounds on you; I am sorry for that, well sort of.

I remember going to see Lord of the Rings, three years in a row. I didn’t understand these would be the last movies we’d see together the four of us. Now we just don’t go to the movies together, but there are so many.

I remember you eating my dads Valium when you were two and thinking there were M & Ms. Oh how sick you were. I’m glad you didn’t do that again.

I remember the several times you walked off; you were found, and returned. I was so happy I just hugged you so. I would love to do that now.

I remember you trying to kick a chicken off the front porch and fell off busting your lip and you couldn’t suck your thumb for awhile.

I remember how you always protected Heather and when you were six you pushed down a little kid because he reached out and touched her. Who will protect her now?

I remember when Lou Brock broke your nose with a baseball. You bled and bled. However, you did get an autographed ball. You were cool with that.

I remember you going to boy scout camp and making biscuits or was it corn bread and adding 3 cups of oil instead of a third cup. You learned how to read recipes after that. I can almost smell the campfire on you clothes.

I remember you breaking your thumb while riding your bicycle. You know what I still have the cast.

I remember you were playing in the yard and Heather came running into the house telling us you had a stick stuck in your throat. And you did. Ouch.

I remember at Boy Scout camp that you volunteered to help the kids in other troops start there campfire.

I remember your roll over accident. You had a concussion. You couldn’t remember anything but you remember us. I will always remember you too.

I remember when you were in high school, bringing Mike home, because he had no place to go. He stayed with us for almost three months.

I remember your high school prom, all the parades and football games, you playing drums in nightclubs. I remember it all. But it not the same. I want to do it all again, with you except maybe slower and hold on to each moment.

I remember when you drove to Gainesville with a ring for Shannon and she broke you heart. I felt so bad Heather and I mixed you a drink. God it was awful but you tried to drink some of it. We all cried with you.

I remember when you got in trouble in high school for wearing that BLTD tee-shirt. Several others had one on also but only you were singled out. I was called to school, that was their mistake.

I remember you skipping school and being spotted by my parents. Oh, and John called the house to see how you were.

I remember all the band practices at the house and the music was always so wonderful I would fall asleep. Boy can I use that now.

I remember going to Respectibles to watch Backwash play and you had a cigarette hanging out of your mouth. You said woops, cause you told me you quit. I still have that characature of you playing drums.

I remember going to work and seeing you in the parking lot of the Department of Financial Services building. God, how I miss seeing you.

I remember you asked for a list of things we might want for Christmas and you didn’t pick anything out – you bought them all.

I remember all the kindness you showed to other, your friends and your family. The special things you did that will always stay with me but I want more.

I remember the love you gave, the hearts you broke and the girls that broke yours. My heart is broken and will never heal or be free of the pain.

I remember the many times you got sick and I always believed it when I told you that you would be fine and would get well. Why didn’t I know this last time how bad, you hurt and I would have held your hand and would have done something, but I was away for work?

I remember the good times the bad times the all the times we shared. I just want one more time, with you. Oh God, please, just let me make one more memory with my son!

David, I love you and miss you so
Mom 7/1/2009

Christmas 2008  / Mom Burns (mom)

Hey Big Guy,

You know I was really trying to do better this year. I put up a tree, baked cookies and sent some to friends and family, and adopted a family for Christmas. One of course with a little boy. But...

No matter what I try and even fake, it is now the same watershed of non-stoppable indoor flooding. Yes, Heather, I have tinsel in my eyes. 

I really lost it in October and through Thanksgiving but took in a deep breathe and started to do Christmas.  Now here it is, the Friday before Christmas and I am so bummed. Can't even think of something to buy your dad for Christmas never mind his birthday. You know that is not like me. I always know what every one wants.  David, help me get though another Christmas without you. Another stocking not hung, another carol not sung, I have learned to pretend the day is great and all is well. I pretend for work, I pretend for Pa and Heather.  I just need to believed you are ok and I really will see you again. 

I put the drum tree up by your urn again this year. It's funny I keep buying more drum ornament and totally forget which ones I have already and that I did this all already.

Dave, please help me. Let me know some how that you didn't die for no reason and there really is a method to this madness.

I love you son and always will.



My Deepest Condolences  / Beth Jackson-Bates (Friend)
I was just searching for Dave online in the hopes of re-connecting when I came across this memorial. I am incredibly saddened and shocked by the news of his passing. Dave was a wonderful friend to me and I know that he is truly missed by everyone's whose lives he touched. My thoughts are with you and your family.

With Sympathy
Beth Jackson-Bates
Find Comfort In The Lord  / Laura Ramirez

Dearest, Lydia I know that there is no words to make your heart feel any better, I do feel your pain and want you to know that your not alone. Our children left this earth on the same day and I wonder how many other mothers lost thier children on that same very day, Just the thought is so very sad, but that what this life is all about we are all born to die but us as mothers always expect go first than our children. I just want you to know my prayers will be with you. Lydia lots of HUGS!!! We all need them at sometime.

Sisters in Grief,

Laura Ramirez

(Mother to angel Evva Flores)

A Mother's Condolence  / Arefa Lambert (Rich Lambert's Mother )
Dear Lydia, I can only imagine what you are feeling, especially this holiday season. Dave was a positive influence on my son, Rich Lambert's, life.  Rich and Dave were good friends. He & Dave spent a lot of time together, especially with the Atlantic High School drum line.  Rich learned a lot about drums from David; he was an inspiration to my son.  As a mother, one of the nicest things I can think of, is when a person tells you what a great, positive person your child was and that Rich is a better person for having had David in his life.  God Bless you and your family.  Thinking of you.  Sincerely, Arefa Lambert
Just another hello  / Mom (Mom)
Dear Son,

It is three-year and six-months today since you left us. I know if I keep you in my heart and mind you will be alive in me forever.  Sorry, that isn't enough. I I had hoped you would have gotten married, had children and lived to be a hundred. 

The David Burns Memorial Music scholarship at TCC was awarded. Someone will be playing music in the world and enjoying it in your name.

All day on New Year Eve, I remembered that one night you called to wish me a happy new year and you were toasted. It was funny. How I wish I could hear your voice one more time.

You were a great son. Yes, you had you moments, but not too many of them. I love you non-stop.

I will love you my whole life. I will never forget one moment we shared. I will try to make my life a little happier this year for you.

Love you my son,
Your mom forever,
Holidays / Brad Meeker (friend)

As always, you guys are on my mind this holiday season. I hope you find the strength you need to make it through this difficult time of year. God speed Dave...

-Brad Meeker

A personal thanks to David a hero to us all  / Marsha Allen (a person that Lydia met at dept of children and families )
Bless your heart, I met your mother several months ago at my job. She is an extremely remarkable person. Even though I never got the pleasure of meeting you, but after all of wonderful things that your mother shared with me about you; all I could  do is one thing and that is admire you. I really believe that God placed you and your mother on this earth to show each and everyone of us that being with your love ones is an absolute gift. Whether you know it or not David, you are hero and you are a gift that will always keep on giving.

God Bless,


Marsha Jovon Allen
Dave / Lydia (Your Mom )
Well, Dave, made it through your birthday and mine. Now have to hold it altogether for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It isn't the way I wanted your life to be or mine. But I am trying to deal with you not being here with us. I still wake up in the middle of the night and realize it is all so real. You really are gone. I would rather have cut my legs off then have had my heart ripped out. I miss you so much and know that you know how much you were and are still loved. Thanks for the kind words in your journal.

I know you were in awful pain those last few days, just wish you would have told me Wednesday night when we spoke. I may not have been able to do anything but I would have come home and at least held your hand.

Hope your journey is easier now and someday when my time has come, reach you hand out to guide me.  You can teach me the ropes.

This isn't the way I would have liked to talk to you. It is all I have.

Love you so much my sweet son,


On the third anniversary of your death  / Lydia Burns
In the silence of the day, I listen for your voice
In the music that you played, I try to feel your spirit
In all that you did, I try to remember every moment we shared
In the darkness of the night I see that last glimpse of your face,
My heart again breaks and I just cry. 

I love you David

Mother's Day  / Mom (Mom)
We are just two of many parents
Whose wonderful child has died.
We may find support and kindness
But still we hurt deep down inside.

There are also so many children
Whose parents are no longer at their side
They too feel the pain and sadness
In everything they do in their lives

We walk a path not chosen
We live each day with grief
Still the days come and go
And we feel there’s no relief.

We can’t change what has happened
Although we wish we could go back
To a time when we could hug our kids
And talk, and love and laugh.

Our friends will never realize
What they have added to our lives
Their our angels who can share our grief
And let us talk and ask the “Whys”

This Mother’s Day my wish would be
That we share the love we’ve lost
With those that need that helping hand
For kindness and caring have no monetary cost.

Mother’s Day 2007
Lydia Regina Burns
May 2007
just a note to you son  / Mom (Mom)
Dear David,

Some days are just so unbearable and other just so unbearable. You can't imagine how much I miss you, your voice, your smile, that one dimple, everything. I am trying to hold myself together but I crumble so easily. I would give anything even my own life if it would bring you back for your sister and others.  The wedding was beautiful of course you know how beautiful your sister is. But imagine her even more beautiful than normal. You were and I guess in time again were so much a big part of my life you will now never know. It hurts so much to think of the fun times because my heart is just so empty and hearts so badly.  

There is no one that when I have a headache or a cold to share it with. Remember we both always had headaches at the same time. It was almost as if when I opened the bottle of Tylenol and you came around the corner was reaching for it also.

I hope you know how much I loved you and still do. I wish I could feel your hugs just once more.  I wish I never through away that last mother's day card. I didn't know it would be your last.

Forgive me for whatever I may have done that hurt your feelings or upset you. Right or wrong I wish I could go back and make things right. I didn't know that Wednesday night phone call from Atlanta would be the last time I would talk to you and you could talk back. Did I tell you I loved you? Did I tell you I loved you that last Sunday dinner we had? I will always wonder.

I miss you so much, David.

Your Ma, Mom, friend, you were my life's purpose and meaning. Now, I just have you sister, and I am afraid I am smothering her because you are not here. You know I can be overwhelming right!

Love you my sweet son,
Dave / Vanessa Gill (friend)  Read >>
Dave / Vanessa Gill (friend)
Dear David’s Mom and Family,

I am so sorry to hear about Dave’s passing so long after, I was only just searching for him on myspace a couple of months ago. I even thought I might run into him on my Christmas trip to Florida. My heart and condolences go out to you and your family. I met you once briefly when Dave brought me to your home in Boynton Beach one night. I am truly sorry.

I knew Dave from the night clubs. I saw him out for years. Then we spent one summer hanging out a lot with some other friends when we were tired of going to Respectable’s. We stayed up all night watching movies. We dated for a few weeks; he opened up and shared some things that took a lot of courage to say. I accepted who he was and I saw he was a good guy. He broke up with me, said he pictured us with the white picket fence and family but he wasn’t ready for that yet. I was more shocked about the picket fence comment than the break up;)

I am so sorry for your loss, I know how difficult it is to loose a close family member, but I can’t imagine how it is to loose a child. I am sorry I will never run into him at the Respectable’s again. I believe David has now at least found a peace he couldn’t have in this life.


Life's losses  / Officer (Curt) Lavarello (Friend)  Read >>
Life's losses  / Officer (Curt) Lavarello (Friend)
Please accept my condolances for such a terrible loss.  Words cannot begin to explain how I feel each time I read the news of another loss of young life.  Especially hard is when the loss if a young man who is an incredible human being and a truly nice person.

You will be missed my friend, but not forgotten.

Till we all meet again, you are in my prayers....

Officer Curt Lavarello
Atlantic High 1989-2000 Close
Friends from the beginning!  / Caryl Carlisle (Co-worker/friend)  Read >>
Friends from the beginning!  / Caryl Carlisle (Co-worker/friend)

Please accept my deepest sympathy and condolences.   I was just searching for long lost friends and put Dave's name in and came across your posting.  I'm so sorry for your loss.  Dave was my assistant manager at Eckerd, and from the first night we worked together we were friends.  Our friendship began from the beginning, and eventually grew into us dating. I remember when Dave first asked me out on a date, that conversation started with...."When we get married are we going to have 1 dog or 2?"  Our hypothetical conversation turned into a date set for dinner in the near future.  Our romantic relationship didn't last long, however we still remained friends for quite sometime.  When life got in the way and our roads drifted apart, our friendship seemed to dwindle.  Though we weren't in touch... Dave was hardly ever out of my thoughts.  Heck...how could a friend who bought had a herst and asked me out on a date by asking about when we get married... how could someone with that type of an impact ever be out of thought! His humor and personality amazed me everytime I talked to him.  He took such pride in his band...Backwash at the time.  Though I never did meet the family, I do know how important you all were to him and how proud he was to have you!! Know in your hearts that he is watching over you each and every day and that you have the most musically talented, incredibly handsome, entirely humorous, yet kindhearted guardian angel watching over you!! 

Anyone who was a part of Dave's life is one lucky person!! 

Remembering Dave  / Jen Hunter (once a great friend )  Read >>
Remembering Dave  / Jen Hunter (once a great friend )

Dave seemed to constantly be accused of being the lead singer of Depeche Mode, and having the same first name made it all that more believe-able.

Dave and I were great friends now 11 years ago, we went to clubs together...made silly movies....sat in his truck and laughed. 

There are images within me that i have never forgotten, times that will forever remain with me. 

I just recently found out about davids passing, i send my condolences to his family for their loss. 

Dave always made me smile, and still can.

Somehow i feel he knew he wasn't going to be here for long, ever since the train accident...he knew. He just knew, course he said it would be by the age of 25..but im glad he was around for longer than that.

There was a song that Dave and I listened to in his truck, in front of my house, in the pouring rain...Now it has more meaning than ever...

"Infinity stretches unlimitlessly
Countless days pass by immeasurably
Anniversaries gutter in the maelstrom
Whirling a snowstorm of lustrous millennium

We couldn't stay together
This couldn't last forever

Senses dissolve into soliloquies
Flooding ascent in synchronicity

But we couldn't stay together
I knew this wouldn't last forever

Forever just one more tie then never
This is the last string to sever

On and on
It goes on and on

I could stay wherever
I would last forever

Forever just one more time then never
This is the last string to sever

Forever never forever
This is the last string to sever
I have lost you for ever and ever "

-Siouxsie "Forever"

 / Ma   Read >>
 / Ma
What would you be doing tonight my son
If your life wasn’t cut short, and you were still here to have fun
Would you be out on a date, or watching a movie?
Or outside playing Frisbee with your sweet dog Buddy?
What would you be doing in the morning my son
When the alarm clock goes off and the workday has begun
Whose computer would you fix whose disaster would you resolve
Would your day go smooth and would you still love your job.

What would you be doing for lunch my son
Eating with your friends or grabbing something on the run
Would it be Mexican, Chinese, or some nice little place
Oh, what I give once more just to see your face. 
Who would have thought I would be writing you poems
Or sitting on you bed crying and in mourning
You were young and a great man my son
You will be missed until my day too is done.

 Mom  February 22, 2006
once a friend,always a friend  / Arthur Kendrick (high school friend and bandmate )  Read >>
once a friend,always a friend  / Arthur Kendrick (high school friend and bandmate )
things happen in life that we have no control over because if we did life as we all know it wouldn't be the same. it pains my heart to find out that my friend has passed away so suddenly over a year later. i met dave in 1988 at band camp, we may not have become friends then but in time he and i along with a few others almost became unseparable. we made up a group called the Funkhonks (being that i was the only black in the group),we did alot of crazy things (at the time) together,alot of good times. i can't go on because the memories are coming on too strong. just to say that he's always in our hearts and minds. Close
words from your favorite movie  / Mom (Mom)  Read >>
words from your favorite movie  / Mom (Mom)
"How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on, when in your heart, you begin to understand; there is no going back, there are some things that time cannot mend, some hurts that go too deep, that have taken hold."  Frodo, Lord of the Rings.
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