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Eight years  / Mom (Mom)
This is the day my heart died I realized my greatest fear I cried a billion tears This was the day my world ended My life had ended I just surrendered I never new such pain The darkness of the halls Despair was all around I sat upon the ground I wanted to give in So I tried to close my eyes But when I opened them It started all again Those words I'd never hear I live my greatest fear That day the darkness begun When I lost my only son. Love you my sweet son.. Mama
On Sunday, you'd be 39  / Lydia Burns (Mom)
Your child’s birthday is suppose to be something special. It reminds you of the wonderful day your sweet baby was born. You reminisce about the first words first kiss and the first steps. I was lucky to have all these firsts and seconds.   I begin to think of grade school and all that you did, Band basketball and baseball to name just a few, I remember the boy scouts and the science projects. All these things we shared and were fun for you.   High school was filled with concert and jazz band. Marching band was best and we can’t forget those half time shows. There was prom and your first car and your first job. All the things that made you the man you had become.   You became successful and had a great job. I loved to cook for you and you loved to eat. There’s our house you help build and we still enjoy, Although your empty room still makes me cry.   The cake today will have no writing no candles just plain. No song to sing no wishes to bring just sadness and tears. Your birthday has come now for seven long years. We again will celebrate it quietly and without you here. September 11th will always be a heart break day for me your dad and sister. For a different reason then our nation but painful just the same. You died for a reason I‘ll never understand. Happy 39th Birthday my sweet and dearest son.
I Saw You One Day  / Mom Burns (Mom)
I Saw You One Day   I saw you one day reaching out to me wanting to hold my hand trying to stand and we walked together.   I saw you one day peeking around the wall and giggling; you were very small playing peek-a-boo with me.   I saw you one day riding your bike having the time of your life. You broke your thumb but you had fun and your sister too!   I saw you one day playing baseball and basketball marching in the band those were good times and we cheered for you.   I saw you one day driving to high school going to your prom dreading the day you’d move out on your own.  Boy how you have grown.   I saw you one day being great at your job you really did well I always knew you would.  I was so proud.   I saw you one day you were all grown living your life never got a chance to take a wife or the joy of children in your life.   I saw you one day drinking coffee across the table from me and I was so proud of you and wondered what the future held for you   I saw you one day in your sister’s smile and wondered who you’d be today.   I saw you one day but it was only in my mind you are gone from this place the pain I can’t erase or the last sight of you laying there.  My heart is broken.   I saw you last night it was a dream I talk to you the same way I try to hear your voice what you would have to say but then I truly hope to see you one day.   Another Mother’s Day without you Dave Lydia Burns MAY 3 2011
Lydia, I am so sorry for you and your family.  / Eric Smith (Friend)

I just read this today 04/19/10

Looking up friends I found this site...

i wish i was able to express how deeply i felt for this guy i have thought about you often.

We had some of the best times. I remember the talks we used to have on the way home from going out with friends.

When dave played a show it was like he was another person up there what an incredible drummer...

people in the audience would always comment during his shows

you were really proud of himstrange thing for a friend to say but true

i remember dave paul and me would sit up for hours listening to music that we just bought.

i think we used to drive laurie and beth crazy it was their apartment we took overon those nights.

i never thought this is how i would find my friend i always wanted to talk again

Again I am so sorry to The Burns Family

- eric





David's Song on the 5th Anniversary of his death.  / Mom Burns (Mom)

I rocked your cradle when you were born
And in winter we kept you warm
I wanted to pad the ground
When you took your first steps
But instead I just held my breath.

Your first words were pretty and fish
You started school when you were six
I taught you to play drums when you were nine
In time, you broke your cute nose and your thumb
I worried, and just took a deep breath.

You learned to drive in your senior year
And when you moved out, I was full of fear
But I knew you had a life of your own
And eventually I realized I had to let you move on.
I worried; deep breath and my heart skipped a beat.

One day I got that dreaded call
That day the sun didn’t shine at all
The days were dark for months on end
You died for reasons I will never comprehend
And my heart really skipped some beats.

We both still live but the steps we take
Seem harder on our hearts these days
The ache and pain we feel inside
Is hard and hurt and doesn’t subside
Oh, how our hearts skips beats when we think of you.

People cherish your children each day of your life
Every husband and each and every wife
Our hearts are broken and his tomorrows are gone
Missing his smile, his laugh and Ma this is your son.
I guess I won’t know why he had to die
Until I have taken my last breathe
And my heart just stops.
Just found this out  / Michael Webster (Friend)
I was friends with Dave during High School and some years after till our paths drifted apart. He was a unique individual and always entertaining to be around in his own way. I remember the cops coming over to his house when Dave, Chris (Balch?) and myself, and I think some singer who only went be the name of "Toad," were playing very very loudly, insisting that we quiet down, that we were breaking the noise ordinance, and if he had to come back he would drag the whole lot of us to jail. Dave (of course) tried to play the "my dad's a cop" card, but it didn't have any effect. Somehow word of this got out to the local news, that we were being prohibited from practicing for school band, and it resulted in a camera news crew heading over to Atlantic High during band camp one day, to interview a bunch of us (including Mr St. Laurent!) where we put on our best hurt faces and proclaimed the noise ordinance was hurting the band, and was unfair to students who had to practice their instruments. We made the 6 o'clock news, in all our straggly, awkward teenage glory, and it all just sort of fizzled out. Mr. St. essentially slapped us and told us to cut the crap, but it was cool he played along. I think I still have a video of the news report - it's hilarious every time I've watch it since. I've been stunned all morning after finally putting pieces together and finding out about Dave - memories are hazy as it's been so long, but I will never forget him and the significant impact he always made on those around him.
What My World Is Like Without You  / Mom MOM (Ma)

They say that death changes the way you think,

It changes the way we eat and drink,

It changes the way we plan our lives,

It makes us just want to crawl and hide.

Our future is forever now unknown,

Each day my heart aches and I grown,

There is no sparkle in my eyes,

Unless you count those tears inside.

I wonder what our future will bring,

Not the sound your children singing,

No babies to hug, no son to hold,

What would it be like growing old.

Your father and i still talk about you,

And all the things we thought you'd do,

Those dreams are gone, and so is the rest,

Of those things in life that you did best.

Love you Ma 6/20/2008

Five More Minutes  / Ma (Mom)

Five More Minutes - I wrote this to you for Valentine's Day

If I was given just five more minutes with you
I would be sure that you always knew
How much I really really loved you
And I'd find out that you loved me too.

I would tell you I was always proud of everything you did
We'd remises the fun times we shared
The times you made me laugh
We'd completely toss aside those times you made me mad.

I'd wrap my arms around you till our last second was up
And although I would cry when you vanish from my sight
I would be able to be happy for a little while
Cause I would have finally got to say goodbye.

If I could just have five more minutes with you
I would wish that five minutes could be a lifetime
I'd watch you marry, have children, get old
Instead, your beautiful life was just ended, ceased, cut short.

How can I tell you how much I miss you?
How can I live without you voice, your love, your touch?
How can we spend the rest of our lives missing what we lost?
How can we breathe, exist, go on, without our only son?

Please someone, I really need just five more minutes with my son!

Love you so much David, I hope you always knew that. I hope you felt the same way.

Ma 2/14/08

My condolences to Dave's family  / Paul Pitti (High School Friend )
     I moved to Florida from NY at the end of 10th grade. I lived around the corner in Chapel Hill. I played drums also and Dave was the first drummer I met in Florida. we actually played together at Atlantic H.S. for a short time I signed on to classmates.com today and saw that Dave was a new member. I hadn't seen him in years and was curious to see his page. I'm still in shock after reading it. I can't express how sorry I am. 
     Being a Police Officer I often see how short life can be and how families lives change in an instant. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I'm not sure if you rember me. Most people called me P.J. back then and I've met mom and sister on a few occassions. I'm sure Dave's still drumming away up above, knocking on Heaven's doors. 
     Dave thanks for being a friend to the new kid in school.
Tears Still Fall  / Ma (ma)

I wish that I could stop crying
But nothing I do seams to help
You were taken from us without warning
And life just seems so worthless.

I try to think of the fun we had
The times we laughed and played
But my heart just pushed those thoughts aside
Since you went away.

For some brief moments I can almost laugh
But then I remember your poor face
The face of a child lost and gone
From us and the human race.

You never had a chance to marry
Or have child of your own
Sometimes I think life would have been easier
If I too were never born

But then your childhood
That did bring me so much joy
Would be in my heart and I realize
I cry because I miss the love you brought

So the world may never get to know you
My sweet and loving young man
But my mind is full of the great memories
That will always make us who we are.

I will cherish every moment
You and I had to share
And someday the tears of sorrow
Will bring my heart joy that is hidden there.

Love you my son
This the end of the second year and nine month of your departure
Mom 4/2/2007

Dave / Laurie Barbone (friend)

I'm so very sorry for your loss.  I just found out about Dave and I'm still in shock.  I'm an old friend of his and over the years, through life, we lost contact.  He was such an awesome guy that truly had a heart of gold.  Please understand how sorry I am for you loss. 


Laurie Barbone
Dave / Liz Nahom
I'm so sorry to have heard about Dave's passing. I worked with him at Eckerds and he frequently went out with the "Eckerd Crew". He would often come up in coversations over the years and we would remember his antics and laugh. He was a good guy and we'll all miss him. I'm so sorry for your loss.
Obit / Lydia Burns (Mother)
This is David's obit and comments from co-workers.

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In Memory  / Joan Carafos   Read >>
In Memory  / Joan Carafos
Lydia, I want to send my thoughts to you & your family on your David's Birthday. I found your poem "The Hawk" on the Atlanta TCF website. I just recently found your website in memory of your son. Your Hawk poem is a favorite in our home. I am a TCF mom from the Rochester New York area. Our son, David, died 9/7/04 of a cerebral aneurysm. He loved the outdoors & had a special interest in raptors. One of our favorite causes is Wild Wings, Inc, a raptor sanctuary located in Mendon Ponds Park, Honeoye Falls, New York. Please take extra care today, Joan Close
condolences / Mason Hurd (old friend )  Read >>
condolences / Mason Hurd (old friend )
                                                                                          April 2014

I was deeply saddened to find out about Dave's passing several years after the fact, as I had really great memories of him.  I spent many a night out on the town with him and Chris Balch (RIP) before I went off into the Marines.  We kept in touch a little after I left, but Dave and I grew apart as I was gone.  Still, I have fond memories of him and the brief meetings I had with Dave's parents and sister. 

I don't have one particularly funny story to share, but I have to say it was always a good time around Dave.  Not only was he a phenominal drummer, but he was an extremely intelligent and aware person.  I had many intense conversations with him and Chris. 

Although he is no longer with us in person, he will always live in the minds and hearts of those of us who had the honor of knowing him.  My deepest condolences to the Burns family.
David at Eckerds  / Ernest (Co-worker)  Read >>
David at Eckerds  / Ernest (Co-worker)
I was trying to track down David recently (10-25-2012) and found this site.

I worked with David at Eckerd Drugs.  I always enjoyed working on Sundays with him.  He was a great supervisor and we had a lot of fun.

I used to bring him Cuban coffee on Sunday mornings and he'd always joke that it had so much caffeine that he would do more work that day than he did all week.

I have a lot of fond memories working with him.  He was always kind and joked around a lot.  We used to have friz-bee wars in the back and all sorts of mayhem.

I wish I would have tried to track him down sooner.  I would have liked to tell him how much I appreciated him being so kind to me. Close
Wonderful tallented man  / Vanda Burns-Hamblin (???? possibly family )  Read >>
Wonderful tallented man  / Vanda Burns-Hamblin (???? possibly family )

So sorry i didn't know this wonderful young man. I had a brother David Burns, Born in 1917 in Kentucky. I have been searching for his family for a long time. Your David could possibly be his grandson. My father's name was Sidney Burns and David was his youngest son of his first marriage. I am of his second marriage. Just trying to touch base with someone who my know my brother. He was born in squabble creek, ky Thank you for your time.

Happy birthday, Dave  / Rebecca White Connors (friend)  Read >>
Happy birthday, Dave  / Rebecca White Connors (friend)
Of all the people I'd met in my life you were kept closest to my heart. Even after years of separation when we saw each other it was like no time had ever passed. You would always greet me with eyes full of warmth and that little bit of mischief that was classic Dave. Now you're in my thoughts just as often as you've ever been. Sometimes its like you're still here with us. Sometimes I think I'll be able to pick up the phone and call you. I'll say something funny and hear the laugh that would light up your face - your eyes sparkling and a grin from ear to ear. What I would give to hear your voice one more time. To hug your neck so tight that you pretend to choke. You never could be serious when it came to affection you goof.

Sometimes I forget that you're not there. And that I'll never hug your neck or make you laugh again. In those moments I can just enjoy the memories.  They remind me of the gift that you were Dave. Having that time with you in my life was a gift that I will never forget. Happy birthday Dave. I miss you and will always love you. You're amazing.
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