David Burns
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David William Burns was born to us in Plantation, Florida on Monday, September 11, 1972 in the afternoon. David left this world early on Friday, July 02, 2004 at the young age of 31.

David was a wonderful child, he hardly ever cried. He was well behaved and really loved his little sister.  She was very special to him.  At a young age, he loved to draw and could draw trucks and planes to scale.  I taught him to play drums when he was in the fourth grade. He played drums all through junior high and high school. He also played baseball and got his nose broke by accident by Lou Brock. Hey, he got an autographed baseball out of it! In junior high, he also played basketball and was in the band. David Sr. started a Boy Scout troop in Neches Texas for David and the neighborhood kids.

David loved music. He was part of several bands that played in nightclubs in South Florida. He was the Assistant Manager at a local Eckerd’s and he always knew what and where his stock was. He then worked in computer sales company before moving up to Tallahassee in 2001 to help us build our house. When the house was dried in, he went to work for the State of Florida as a computer tech. He loved his work. 

He loved his sister and protected her through out his entire life. When she was a baby, he wouldn't let people look at her or touch her, saying she's my baby, you can't have her. The boys she dated weren't afraid of us as much as they were afraid of him.  He was a great big brother.

He loved Star Trek and the Lord of the Rings and his playstation II games.

He had a dog named Buddy, who also misses him. He now resides with us.

David always thought of other people's feeling first,  was generous to a fault and kind to all. 

Most of all, he was a terrific son, and wonderful brother to Heather.

We will all remember him forever.

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On Sunday, you'd be 39   / Lydia Burns (Mom)
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I Saw You One Day   / Mom Burns (Mom)
I Saw You One Day   I saw you one day reaching out to me wanting to hold my hand trying to stand and we walked together.   I saw you one day peeking around the wall and giggling; you were very small playing peek-a-boo with me.   I saw you one d...  Continue >>
Lydia, I am so sorry for you and your family.   / Eric Smith (Friend)
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David's Song on the 5th Anniversary of his death.   / Mom Burns (Mom)
I rocked your cradle when you were born And in winter we kept you warm I wanted to pad the ground When you took your first steps But instead I just held my breath. Your first words were pretty and fish You started school when you were six I taught yo...  Continue >>
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